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Oxford Media

Award Winning Digital Marketing
And PR Agency in Emerging Tech

Interact directly with top influencers in IoT, Wearables, Robotics, Digital Health and emerging technologies landscape.
We build awareness. We engage target markets. We influence behaviour. We converse, engage, promote.
We know them, they trust us. They trust us, they trust you. IT IS THAT SIMPLE.

What we do?

Anticipate, Analyse, Interpret

Strategy. Creative. Technology. One hundred percent digital. With our 360º approach and in-depth understanding of all things digital, our capabilities stretch far beyond those of traditional public relations agencies to ensure that our clients receive maximum quality exposure and engagement with tangible results.

We use our industry expertise, cognitive science, objective media, and international networks of influencers to create valuable connections and communications between world’s leading IoT, Wearables, Healthcare, Fashion brands and consumers.

That’s why our communications ring true. Why they resonate so well. Why they prompt behaviour change. And why we win so many awards.

This isn’t just big data, this is data that drives great creative work.

We have our own data lab constantly monitoring thousands of data sources in real time and distilling them into juicy behavioural nuggets. Effective media relations, glowing product reviews, influential white papers, high profile speaker platforms, inspiring round table debates and effective analyst relations.

Data & Insights

Grow your business by finding out what customers really want. Data is the engine of performance. At Oxford Media, we know information drives results faster than anything else. It’s all about how you use it.

Social Media Management

Stay ahead by listening to, and being part of, real conversations. Our social media specialists work in real time, reading nuances, amplifying conversations and content to reach new customers.

Influencers Social

Reach the people you want with highly-targeted content. Highly-targeted, with near universal reach - paid social is an essential but desperately competitive place to be.

Web Analytics

Make informed campaign choices based on the best analysis. We’ve come a long way since the days of simple hit counters at the bottom of a web page. Web Analytics is now the tool de jour in digital and our consulting team deploy these platforms for maximum effectiveness.

Natural Search

Boost results authentically, while building stronger brand experiences. We boost SEO results with tactics that outlast trends, using the entire search engine page to build your brand, while helping customers find exactly what they need.

Content Generation

Grow your audience with the right content mix, from creation to distribution. Content fuels conversations. Advertising amplifies its reach. We provide the strategic vision, creative insight and resources you need to create powerful content and drive conversion.

About us

Intersecting business, art & tech

Oxford Media is a leading, PR and Digital Media agency, with offices in London and Oxford city. We work primarily with innovative, fast-growing technology companies, all over the world, from early stage - venture or angel backed - tech startups to large multinational organisations.

We built our reputation delivering Global PR and high profile Digital Media services, through dedicated divisions with expertise across emerging tech sectors including IoT, Wearable Tech, Automotive, Healthcare, 3D printing, Fashion Tech.

Our team includes more trained journalists than any PR agency in UK. It means we find the news angles that will grab headlines in the press, broadcast media and internet. As you would expect, our writing skills are second to none.

We’re open to talk to nice people

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